Google Cloud User Accounts

Service for managing the global Google Cloud user accounts. This API reference is organized by resource type. Each resource type has one or more data representations and one or more methods.


API Paths

Get Groups (GET) /{project}/global/groups OpenAPI
Add User To Group (POST) /{project}/global/groups/{groupName}/addMember OpenAPI
Delete Group (DELETE) /{project}/global/groups/{groupName} OpenAPI
Get Group (GET) /{project}/global/groups/{groupName} OpenAPI
Remove Use From Group (POST) /{project}/global/groups/{groupName}/removeMember OpenAPI
Create Group (POST) /{project}/global/groups OpenAPI
Get IAM Policy (GET) /{project}/global/groups/{resource}/getIamPolicy OpenAPI
Set IAM Policy (POST) /{project}/global/groups/{resource}/setIamPolicy OpenAPI
Test IAM Permissions (POST) /{project}/global/groups/{resource}/testIamPermissions OpenAPI
Get Operations (GET) /{project}/global/operations OpenAPI
Delete Operation (DELETE) /{project}/global/operations/{operation} OpenAPI
Get Operation (GET) /{project}/global/operations/{operation} OpenAPI
Get Users (GET) /{project}/global/users OpenAPI
Create User (POST) /{project}/global/users OpenAPI
Get User IAM Policy (GET) /{project}/global/users/{resource}/getIamPolicy OpenAPI
Set User IAM Policy (POST) /{project}/global/users/{resource}/setIamPolicy OpenAPI
Test User IAM Permissions (POST) /{project}/global/users/{resource}/testIamPermissions OpenAPI
Add Public Key (POST) /{project}/global/users/{user}/addPublicKey OpenAPI
Delete User (DELETE) /{project}/global/users/{user} OpenAPI
Get User (GET) /{project}/global/users/{user} OpenAPI
Remove Public Key (POST) /{project}/global/users/{user}/removePublicKey OpenAPI
Get Public Keys (POST) /{project}/zones/{zone}/authorizedKeysView/{user} OpenAPI
Get Linux Account Views (POST) /{project}/zones/{zone}/linuxAccountViews OpenAPI